When I get a few extra minutes…

I had a “fall break” of a whole day… so I was crafting… IMG_20151013_071438   IMG_20151013_071451

I bought some canvases a few years ago when Michael’s had them BOGO. I ordered the sayings from Amazon (confession time… I’m an Amazon addict… currently working on my recovery). I painted the canvases orange, applied my sayings, painted over them with the navy and then pulled off the letters… They look okay from a distance. 🙂 (Extra confession… one of the canvases was from one of those group painting classes and I didn’t like how mine turned out so I painted over it… DIY and reclamation all in the same project!!)


This saying wasn’t quite how I expected it so … It’s a bit different… It’s hard to take pics with my phone without a glare… so I’m working on that … It’s all a part of the journey.