These are few of my favorite things…

We all have our favorite items that we love to teach with… Here are some of my latest..


Which I found at my favorite shopping location… Amazon.

They look like this on the desk.


ewwww… that’s an ugly pic… Probably because I cropped the photo and tried to get the entire number line… As you can barely see is -20 to 20. The Desk Tape is a STICKER that comes on a roll with a backing so you pull them off the roll, pull off the backing and stick down on the desk. My kids have written on them with pencil and pulled up the corners of one tape but I love them!! They were exactly what I was looking for in a number line. The tape is about an inch wide and oh I don’t know 2.5 feet long or so (disclaimer – I did not measure them…).

I love these boxes for holding papers…


I have no idea where I got these but I saw something similar this weekend on Amazon… In fact I think that is exactly the product… They do come flat and you do have to assemble them but they have survived several years of holding papers in my classroom. After three or so years, they looked pretty grimy from random pencil shavings being dumped in them but they function exactly as I need them to, as a place to put paper in my classroom that I need to do something with… I don’t carry the boxes around, I pull the papers out and stick those in my bag… You know the one, the giant teacher purse that holds everything from my lunch to student work to the latest scheme I’m working on… 🙂