This stuff is AWESOME… and scary.. a bit at least… I just watched a talk from K12 Online Conference by @karlyb on the subject and I’m inspired yet again. (Random side note, I have been working in public education waaaaayyyy toooooo long… Karlyb teaches at a private school and her kids use Sketchnotes to digest sermons… My legal mind still freaks on religion in schools sometimes… even though it’s perfectly okay for private school kids… I digress.)

Karen uses Apple products which is awesome… but I don’t have those … so I’m still on the search for a decent stylus that works with my Dell touch screen at home and then… the on-the-go device, I still have to find one of those and some drawing apps that work with it… I followed my usual rabbit trail and got to this interview of Mike Rohde which especially inspired me. He and Karen both said this is about Facts not art and you just need to jump in… so I think I’ll be doing that soon.  🙂 When I quit procrastinating … 😀

There’s always the sketchnote army to inspire me when I get really bogged down.


What the BLEEP am I doing?

I am in my 13th year of post high school education… 13th!! I say it’s because I’m crazy… It’s in no small part because I love the act of learning, growing your mind, and becoming a better contribution to this planet. I’m working on my latest degree in Curriculum and Instruction and have been thinking a LOT about how teachers teach, how we teach teachers, and how to contribute to the knowledge base.

I’m supposed to be reading and writing for my dissertation and apparently I’m procrastinating yet again… 🙂  I digress. The math twitter blogosphere fascinates me.  I get lost for hours (or at least an entire planning period) digging into what has been published and how to utilize their amazing ideas in my own classroom. I am currently co-teaching all day, which is amazing, but I am constantly looking for ways to enhance my practice. (We are on a block schedule so I will have a resource class in the Spring).

Interactive notebooks are coming… I may spend all of winter break getting ready but I’m determined… I found daily warm-ups and plan to use them. Mondays are light on these so I’ll have to address that… and I’ve had to change some of the problems to make them work for Foundations of Algebra.

Sketchnoting…  I cannot wait to use this… (and Vicki at Cool Cat Teacher is my hero, js.) I’ve got a lot to learn about these and I can’t draw so I’ll have to work on that part too… But hey what’s teaching if you’re not learning?!? Dr. Mike White was presenting at a conference and said something like schools should be places were everyone is learning. I’m paraphrasing but still… He was right.

So I’m starting the journey… the journey to record what works and maybe sometimes what doesn’t… and the journey to add to the collective. One day at a time… Shel Silverstein had it right… so here’s to eating my whale…